Education is the movement from darkness to light’ TIP community teacher

‘there are two key groups of workers in a state: mothers and teachers’ – bursary recipient



96% of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community in Kosovo haven’t finished compulsory education.

kindergarten kid

The Ideas Partnership runs catch-up classes, provides essentials like bags and books and winter transport, lobbies to overcome bureaucratic blocks, and mediates between families and school to help children get to school and stay there.



Our wider work in marginalized communities tries to tackle the underlying factors – poverty, poor healthcare, alienation, negative attitudes – that make it harder for children to get to school.


Grown-ups too: TIP runs adult education, including for literacy, and gives bursaries so adults who never had the chance to finish school can do so at last. Ask Sadush


It’s good to have the chance to improve ourselves and not always to be begging or asking favours.‘ – bursary recipient