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“a great organisation working at grass roots” 

“the direct way the money is used for the good of poor families”

“I know from experience that the money that I give to TIP is used in a hands-on and effective way, funding actions that are concrete, and target the people most in need” *

We survive on a mixture of individual private donations and institutional grants. All of our work – getting marginalized children into school, getting urgent medicine to their family members, developing sustainable ways for them to provide for themselves through micro-finance projects – and the necessary work of our small administrative team who keep us going and legal – is funded this way.

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A small donation can make a big impact: 1 euro provides a drink and a healthy snack for two children doing our Saturday educational activities; 10 euros takes a woman or child for a medical check-up. And many of the children tramping through the mud to regular school are wearing shoes or a coat previously worn and now donated by a kind friend of TIP.

We’re pleased to say that we’ve been a Global Giving Top Ranked organization for three successive years – in the top 20% of their vetted partner organizations; we’ve also hosted a Global Giving representative, giving an extra reassurance. So thanks to all of you who’ve continued to take advantage of Global Giving to support our Widows’ Fund and Get a Kosovan Kid to School Fund.
                  GlobalGiving Top-Ranked Organization 2015         GlobalGiving Top-Ranked Organization 2016        fed5855b-59c7-4771-a1ba-f02a7c157c8c

Have a look at how you can help through donations. (And check our policy on the distribution of donations and disposal of assets.)

We also have substantial experience as the implementing partner for institutional project grants. Our donor partners have included various Embassies and national development departments, UN agencies and private foundations. Please read more about our commitment to successful partnership with institutional donors here

And if you’re coming to Kosovo, please

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* thoughtful comments from our April 2017 donor survey