Working Towards Change – Spring 2018 Newsletter

Greetings, dear supporter! Please find below the latest from our work in the past quarter. Thank you for your continuous support and contribution!

Canadian Ambassador visits TIP

Mr Daniel Maksymiuk, Ambassador of Canada to Kosovo and Croatia, and his team visited The Ideas Partnership’s learning center in Fushë Kosovë earlier this year. The Ambassador closely observed our activities which are supported by the Embassy of Canada through the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives. It was our pleasure to host this visit and explain in more detail the impact of our work in the lives of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Fushë Kosovë.

Little Teachers in Janjeva@

The Little Teachers activity has now started in Janjeva/o too, following the successful example of the Little Teachers in Fushë Kosovë. Ten teenagers from the Roma and Ashkali communities are participating in the activities conducted by two of our volunteers who have started teaching basic German language skills.

Sports Activities in Fushë Kosovë

Thanks to cooperation with Play International, as part of the EDI project, since February we have started educational sports games for the children who are involved in our activities in Fushë Kosovë. Our volunteers help with these activities which are held each week after the Saturday Teaching Activities.

Mehmet Akif students raise money for the poorest Fushë Kosovë families

Students of Mehmet Akif College in Lipjan organized a Food Fair in their school to help the children in need of Fushë Kosovë. They made traditional food at home and sold it to their friends during break times, gathering much needed funds which will help support children and families in need in Fushe Kosove.

The start of intensive classes

More than 50 children from Fushë Kosovë have started intensive classes at Selman Riza primary school, thanks to the successful efforts of our team in cooperating with a partner organization and the school management. The intensive classes aim to give children who have never attended school, and those who dropped out of it, an opportunity of the extra learning needed to enable them to catch up with their fellows in regular classes.

Donation from Danish KFOR

In January, the Danish Guard Detachment Team 37B of the KFOR mission in Kosovo donated 2685 euro to help us in our mission of offering equal educational opportunities to the children of the Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities in Fushë Kosovë. Thank you to everyone who participated in the KFOR Dancon March and contributed so generously to our work! It was a pleasure to have them visit our center and meet the children in our kindergarten!

Seminar on the Inclusion of Roma and Ashkali communities

Members of the TIP team attended the Seminar on “Policy Commitment and Inclusion of Roma and Ashkali Communities in Kosovo Society” which was organized by the Office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo. The seminar discussed the challenges and priorities in implementing policies for these communities in Kosovo society.   

The chance to learn new management skills

In February, TIP held the second part of the management workshop which focused on introducing the Management Menu. This document was prepared and developed by our supporter Keith Hill and Anemonë Zeneli, who is a TIP board member. The Management Menu helps the team identify where they would like to develop as.

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