The Ideas Partnership…

 was formed by Elizabeth Gowing, Ardian Arifaj and Robert Wilton in 2009. Day-to-day management of TIP’s work is in the hands of Beni Sejdaj and his team.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

We have an office in Prishtina, on Rr. Luan Haradinaj (“Police Avenue”) opposite the Police Station, between Cafes Rings 2 and Agora, in through the doorway and up to the first floor. (Technically, that’s Str. Luan Haradinaj 11/5, Prishtina, Kosovo 10000)

For general stuff, for anything at all, e-mail us via

or, if you’re interested in an internship with TIP,

or, if you’ve interested in a job vacancy we’ve advertised,,

or phone us on 049369373.

For questions about the lovely things created by participants in our micro-finance projects, e-mail us on,

or call 049354643.

There are additional e-mail addresses at the bottom here.

To keep an eye on our activities, follow us on facebook as TheIdeasPartner Ship, and there’s also a facebook page for the micro-finance products. (And we’re on Twitter @TIP_Kosovo. And Instagram.)

Don’t be shy. We’d like to hear from you.


Programmes Manager

Volunteers co-ordinator

Project co-ordinator in Fushe Kosove

Centre manager in Fushe Kosove centre

The Ideas Partnership is always interested in new ideas and new partners.


PHOTO CREDITS: the photos on this site have been taken by visitors and volunteers over the years, including Alberto Pasquero, Sarah Murphy, Elizabeth Gowing and Shqipe Zeqiri, and by many children participating in projects who’ve agreed that their photos can be used. We apologize if anyone’s missing from that list: if you see one of your photos on here please tell us and we can give you your due recognition.