Increasingly we have been successfully completing projects funded by…

institutional donor partners

– international aid organizations, national development bodies, and charitable foundations. Partners have included UNDP, UNICEF, UN Volunteers, Save the Children, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, and the Embassies and/or national development departments of the United Kingdom, the United States, Finland and Austria. The visit of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall marked the agreement of a new grant from the British Government. (The logos of our current partners are shown here.) Our ground-level approach and low administrative costs mean that these organizations see meaningful and sustainable returns even from relatively small grants. Our compactness makes us an efficient partner in fulfilling project management and reporting requirements, and makes us flexible and responsive people to work with.

We always want to improve how we work with partners, and a while back we conducted a donor survey of those institutions with whom we had completed projects. We asked a series of questions about TIP’s quality as a responsible project partner; in every area, our average rating from donors was between ‘3 – mostly satisfactory’ and the maximum ‘4 – fully satisfactory’. We received very strong average ratings (3.8 or 4) for communication and engagement with donors, for meeting reporting requirements, for fulfilling the contract, and for trustworthiness.

In their narrative comments, institutional donors focused on the clear focus of our projects, our strong relationships in the communities with whom we work, our energetic profile, our high motivation, and our volunteer ethos. There was real enthusiasm among donors about potentially working with TIP again, and indeed we have benefited from repeat grants from the majority of our donors.

A relatively small grant can guarantee a substantial part of TIP’s basic operation. At the same time we’re proving ourselves as a reliable and effective partner with whom to agree a project and see it implemented. We’d like to tell you more about how we work, and how we can work with you; so please feel free to get in touch via