Sadush Arifi’s journey to University

by Anemonë ZeneliSadush

“I always dreamt of going to University”, were the first words Sadush said as he was asked about his experience being a student at the University. He finished primary school in 2003 and later on decided to get back to high school as The Ideas Partnership established the bursary program. After finishing high school, it was time for Sadush to pursue his dream and go to University to study Public Administration.

“My life has changed a lot since I’ve enrolled at the University. I have become more knowledgeable and have expanded my circle of friends”. Sadush likes interacting with new people, that to him are a source of new knowledge. Through conversations with new and old friends, his notion of what to do and become in life keeps on expanding and enriching. These experiences and encounters leave Sadush full of motivation and ambition to achieve more. His favorite subject is Public Relations. He has become a more open person, to people and encounters, thanks to the lessons he has been provided with in this class.

As a payback for his bursary, Sadush is contributing with his time and skills in the clothes distribution activity. Together with another bursary recipient, he distributes clothes to approximately 5 families per week. “This activity is a highly rewarding experience to be able to give back to my community as a member of the community.”

When talking about his future, Sadush is hopeful that as he continues his studies at the University he will continue to grow as an individual and professional of his field of studies.

He reflects back on how his community has developed thanks to the kindergarten that has been opened. “I don’t want there to be a need for intensive classes,” notes Sadush. His own daughter has completed kindergarten and is now attending school.

“The kindergarten at TIP’s center was crucial for my daughter to now successfully go
through school,” notes Sadush. An educational experience like the kindergarten can spark change in the community. And as Sadush notes, the sooner children start their educational journey, the better prepared they are for school, which would consequently lead to active engagement in school and decreased school drop-outs.

“I’m a very proud father as I attend my child’s parent meetings at school, while the teacher shares my daughter’s progress.” At the same time, Sadush’s wife attends the activities with mothers in the kindergarten. “She has strengthened her reading and writing skills as a result of her attendance of the activity with mothers.”

Sadush family’s success story is a wonderful reminder of how powerful education is in shaping peoples’ life expectations and their desire to contribute to their community. Sadush has certainly made his dream a reality, thanks to the support H. Stepic CEE Charity has provided for him and his community.