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volunteers tackling education, cultural heritage and environmental challenges in Kosovo and the region, without political or religious affiliation.

This month we've a special focus:

because 96% of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children in Kosovo don't finish school, and because the best chance of finishing school comes from having the best start, the community we work with in Fushë Kosovë are trying to

start a kindergarten.
There's more about their idea here. Because this is such a powerful idea, which the community are determined to lead themselves for the good of their children, we're going to find the money to make this happen. We've managed to get the project onto GlobalGiving, which means that your donations can have extra impact.

This is only possible this month, so please do

Give Now.

Meanwhile, the site offers you information about our partnership and our projects. You can also use it (we like this bit) to:


If you've got a great idea, we might well be great partners for you. If you're interested in volunteering with us, we'd love to meet you and welcome you into a growing community of good people doing good things while wearing a TIP sticker. If you're considering offering funds to The Ideas Partnership and would like to learn a little more about us, please have a look at the site, including the feedback from our recent donor survey (we've also suggested some guidelines for donations), and do get in touch. 


Every project partnership is based on a unique relationship, which starts with that first conversation. We benefit from a great many individual acts of generosity, and some institutional partnerships. (You'll see many of those organizations to the right here).


Meanwhile, you can contact us directly via office@theideaspartnership.org, or find us on facebook at TheIdeasPartner Ship, or call 044752533. And look: here's our latest newsletter.




- We've a series of activities as part of a project to promote tourism in the lovely town of Janjevo; have a look at the wonderful photos taken by local children in Hello Janjevo.


- Kosovo's Minister for European Integration visited our Fushë Kosovë centre recently, as reported in Zëri, and Express and Sot.


- Here's a success story, thanks to UN Volunteers.


- Pavements are for People. It's our new campaign, and it means exactly what it says.


- Download the Kosovo Green Pages, a guide to green living in Kosovo. It's easy, it's free, and it's a set of really good ideas.


- Don't forget to have a look at the handmade soaps. (All our micro-finance products also have their own site and they're on facebook, too.)


Enjoy the site, have a nice day, and perhaps have a little think about how we could do something good together.



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