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Duchess of Cornwall visits The Ideas Partnership

EnthusiasmHer Royal Highness Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visited our centre in Fushë Kosova, to see our work and meet our volunteers and partners. She gave a set of books to the children, and was given a selection of products made by women in our micro-finance projects and a picture made by the children showing the flags of Kosovo, the UK and Cornwall…

and the message that: sometimes it takes more than one village to raise a child. Lots of smiles.


A day of volunteering with us

Have you ever wondered how it is to be a part of the Saturday activities ? Here is a sneak peak from the last Saturday in our centre in Fushe Kosove, where a group of students from Public Speaking class of the American University in Kosovo visited the activities and made this wonderful video !

Thank you Getoar Agushi, Adonis Gashi, Arlind Lepaja and Fjolla Gashi for this video.


A keni paramenduar ndonjehere si është të jesh pjesë e aktiviteteve të së shtunes ? Në këtë link mund ta gjeni një pjesë të vogël të këtij aktiviteti nga e Shtunja e kaluar në qëndren tonë në Fushë Kosovë ku disa student të klases së Public Speaking të Universitetit Amerikan në Kosovë të cilet e krijuan këtë video të mrekullueshme !

Ju faleminderit për videon Getoar Agushi, Adonis Gashi, Arlind Lepaja dhe Fjolla Gashi.



Photo Story

This is the story of Nezire Qyqalla, one of the beneficiaries of the gardening project funded by Suomen suurlähetystö Pristina – Embassy of Finland in Pristina.

Nezire is a mother of 4, all trying to get their basic education done. Because Nezire’s husband suffers from scoliosis, she chooses to stay at home and be by his side. She sees the gardening project to be very suitable for her current state, this way she takes care of her husband and also provides for her family’s needs while working in her own garden.

Nezire has been planting kale among other vegetables, and it was amazing hearing her explain to us the many benefits of kale, and ways to include it in our cooking. Kale is a new vegetable introduced not only to the women part of our gardening project, but our local customers also.

Since kale is a new product introduced to the market here in Kosovo, we will have another post on its benefits and ways we can include it more in our cooking.

A big thank you goes to our great volunteer Michael Smith who donated the vegetable seeds and to our very talented volunteer Beth Field for taking these beautiful photographs.

Gardening Fushe Kosove (7) Gardening Fushe Kosove (2)  Gardening Fushe Kosove (4)   Gardening Fushe Kosove (3)  Gardening Fushe Kosove (6)

A fresh look for The Ideas Partnership

What’s new? The website’s new.

Based on a survey of what people did and didn’t like about the old one, hopefully this is a clearer way to find out about who The Ideas Partnership are and what The Ideas Partnership does.

Have a look around at the different things we’re doing, and how you can help!