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Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women’s access to healthcare: new research

This just in – Policy Brief: Access of women from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities to health services. We’ve produced this research as part of the ‘Empowering Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women and young people for health advocacy and education’ project, supported by the Kosovo Women’s Network and financed by the office of the European Union in Kosovo. We’re proud to be working together with these partners in activities of such significance.


Here it is, our latest update on progress with our new centre and all the good work that’s been going on there:

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Here’s our latest newsletter, full of news about the progress of our new activity centre (yes, you can still help to make this extraordinary space live!), some recent agreements we’ve signed, and lots of good stuff we’ve been up to.

Latest Newsletter

Here‘s our latest newsletter: read about the princess, the soldier, the ambassador and Kosovo’s children…